The Hoefler Law Office

The Hoefler Law Office is one of the best-known law firms in Haifa, Israel. Established by Reuven (Robert) Hoefler, RIP (d. 1979) in the early 1950's, it quickly gained a reputation as one of the most successful and client-focused law firms. And today, over fifty years later, we carry on Reuven’s tradition in the same offices where he founded the Law Office – 57 Derech Haatzmaut in downtown Haifa.

 Advocate Reuven Hoefler's was one of the first trained lawyers in Israel, granted number 1717 by the Israeli Law Chamber. He studied law in France and was fluent in many languages, including: French, Arabic, Hebrew, German, and English. His practice centered on civil law with a particular focus on partnerships, merchants and local real estate.

Today the tradition of the Hoefler Law Office is proudly carried-on by his grandson, Itai Hoefler . Before him the office was ran by his son, Meir. Meir completed his law studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1977. A year later he successfully completed his bachelor degree in economics and international affairs. Under Meir’s management, the law office expanded to other legal fields. Building on the tradition created by his father (torts, real estate and cooperative societies) and his network within the Paratrooper Division where he served during his Army service, Meir expanded the firm’s portfolio to include commercial law with a focus on partnerships, corporations, enterprise in Israel and abroad, as well as estate and inheritance law.


 While maintaining a tradition of excellence and providing the best legal advice, the Hoefler Law Office still maintains its intimate and family characteristic. Over the years, the Law Office has employed numerous lawyers and interns, the vast majority of whom established their own successful private practices. Two of them went on to become judges. Today, the Law Office employs three lawyers, an intern, three secretaries, and an accountant. If you would like to discuss your needs, please feel free to call us at: 

or send us an e-mail: itai@hoefler.co.il
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